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How to Predict Marka & Longevity Theory in KP Astrology

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If you have the information you are welcome to respond, but please ensure that the information so provided is genuine and not misleading. Positive thinking Recommended Reading. Test Your Happiness Score Are you leading a happy and fulfilling life? Lifetime Risk Assessment Calculator Calculate your lifetime risk of being afflicted by some of the common health conditions using Medindia's Lifetime Risk Assessment Calculator.

Know Your Span of Life from the Horary Chart

Lifetime Risk Calculator for Cancers What are your chances for developing some common cancers in your lifetime - find out now. Blood Alcohol Level Use this calculator to estimate your blood alcohol content and the permissible limit in different countries. Alcohol Self Screening Test Take this anonymous self-test to evaluate your alcohol consumption and determine if your drinking pattern poses a risk for hazardous health conditions.

Test Your Happiness Have you ever tested your happiness level? Longevity Linked To Specific Foods In Mediterranean Diet New study claims that only some part of Mediterranean diet are more important than others in promoting good health. Tips to Live Longer Though life is temporary and short, it is possible to maximize the span of our existence by living healthy and savoring every moment of life, read our tips to live longer. World Cancer Death Clock World Cancer Death Clock is a dynamic calculator that constantly updates the number of people in the world dying due to various cancers.

World Death Clock The dynamic clock calculates the number of people who are dying in the world every second. Life Expectancy or Longevity Calculator We all wish to live a long and fruitful life. Smoking Risk Calculator Do you smoke cigarettes daily? Drugs Interaction Finder. Drug Side Effects Calculator. Travel Vaccination Calculator. Selfie Addiction Calculator. What's New on Medindia. Health Calculator Search. Health Tools. Cardiac Tools. Clinical Tools. Conversion Tools. Diabetes Tools. Health Clocks.

Dictum 6. Dictum 7.

Free Astrology Prediction-What Your 8th House Means To You?

Dictum 8. Dictum 9. Dictum If Lagna Adipathi and Surya are friends then the native has a long life. If 8th lord is either in 8th, 11th, or in 9th house the native lives up to 75 years. Note: 8th lord Maraka Budha is posited in 11th house which is Dagdha Rashi. Benefics placed in Lagna gives good health and long life — Shukra in Lagna. Sadashivaiah is 85 years according to Jaimini system.

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Otherwise it shows Alpayu. Sadasivaiah had a Dheergayu. Calculate the Nakshatras from the female spouse to the Nakshatra of the male spouse including Abhijit Nakshatra, then the total should be multiplied by 7 and then divided by 28 — this is called as Vadhu Shesha. Calculate the Nakshatras from the male spouse to the Nakshatra of the female spouse including Abhijit Nakshatra, then the total should be multiplied by 7 and then divided by 28 — this is called as Vara Shesha 3.

Then if the reminder value of Vara Shesha is more than reminder value of Vadhu Sesha then the death of the female spouse occurs first. Then if the reminder value of Vadhu Shesha is more than reminder value of Vara Sesha then the death of the male spouse occurs first. Balarishta — up to the age of 8 2. Alpayu Yoga — up to 32 years of life Short life. Madhayu Yoga — 32 to 70 years Medium life. Purnayu Yoga — above 70 years Long life. Benefic Shukra is posited in Janma Lagna, and Hora Lagna is aspected by Guru as per Jaimini system, hence even though Madyayu Yoga is indicated, because of the aspect of benefic on Lagna the Madhyayu Yoga gets cancelled.

They will be the leader of their place, reputed and famous. Uttamadi Dhana Yoga Dhana Yoga 2. Dala Mala or Sark Yoga Kalatramulad Dhana Yoga 3. Sankhya Kedara Yoga Karmajiva Yoga — 7 Yogas 4.

Causes and Type of Death as per Astrology

Kalpadruma Yoga Sharira Soukhya Yoga 5. Kemadruma-Bhanga Yoga — 3 Dehasthulya Yoga — 2 Yogas Yogas 6. Musala Yoga Sada Sanchara Yoga 7. Akhanda Samrajya Yoga Vahana Yoga 8. Amara Yoga Aurasaputra Yoga 9.

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Bharati Yoga — 2 Yogas Buddhmaturya Yoga Arishta-Bhanga Yoga — 4 Japadhyana Samadhi Yoga Madhyayu Yoga Satkalatra Yoga Purnayu Yoga — 2 Yogas Raja Sambandha Yoga Trikala Gnana Yoga Ganitavidyajna Yoga Chandra-Budha Yoga Surya-Chandra Yoga Surya-Budha Yoga or Budhadhitya Yoga Kemadruma Yoga Mangala-Shani Yoga 2. Vanchana Chora Bhithi Yoga Surya-Chandra-Budha Yoga 3.

Dehakashta Yoga Daridra Yoga — 2 Yogas 4. Vishaprayoga Yoga Alpayu Yoga — 3 Yogas 5. Bandhu Bhisthyaktha Yoga Yogarishta Yoga 6. Matrunasa Yoga 7. Arishta Matibhramana Yoga 9. Vataroga Yoga Krurahatya Yoga. During the period of the lord of the 8th house. Not Applicable 69 Longevity - Mr. During the period of the Graha in the 8th house.

In Mr.

Life Longevity Astrology Report

During the period of the Graha aspecting the 8th house. During the period of the greatest enemy of the lord of the 8th house.

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Chandra is the dire enemy of 8th lord Budha. During the period of the Graha in association with the lord of the 8th house. Chandra is posited along with the 8th lord Budha in 11th house which is a Dagdha Rashi.

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  • Grahas in 2nd house — Rahu — Bhukthi Natha 8. Grahas in conjunction with the lord of the 2nd house — Not Applicable 9. Lord of the 22nd Drekkana — Budha Longevity - Mr. Sadasivaiah, had gone through 3 Sade Sathi cycles and had survived all of them, and now the 4th Sade Sathi had started for him even after that he has survived the first Pada and has passed away only in the 2nd Pada i.

    Janma Shani — Sade Sathi — to 2. Ramakrishna Bhat — English Longevity - Mr. Subramanya Shastri B.